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As I walked into Pro Vision Studios in Shoreditch, I literally walked onto a catwalk and saw an array of models wearing everything from casual sportswear to occasion wear.  I saw the slogan ‘Bloggers Gonna Blog’ on a shirt by Da Silva London and thought, ooh that would be a cool title for my first post.  I attended the event Bloggers Love Fashion Week hosted by The Bloggers Hangout, with my fabulous friend who is a fashion/beauty blogger (check her out here), as her plus one.

I got a real sense of community as the bloggers were friendly, offered networking tips, but above all they were really encouraging.  This was my first ever experience at a blogging event, eek! Although I was nervous, I got over myself and went on to speak with a number of brands.

The Curl Company hair products

The Curl Company


I am currently transitioning from chemically straightened hair to natural, so when I saw these products on display I just had to find out more. It is not often you find affordable products on the mainstream market for those with wavy, curly or coily hair. The Curl Company stock their products in Boots and the great news is they are paraben and sulphate free. I have already sampled the products on a quick twist out when I took out my braids. The products worked well and they were moisturising without being greasy.

Berrywhite Organic Drinks

Berrywhite Drinks

With my wedding coming up in less than 6 months, sugar and fats cannot be my friend, as I have to look amazing on the day. Berrywhite drinks are organic, have no added sugar and nothing artificial in their ingredients either. The flavours were lush and are available in still and sparkling varieties. Berrywhite drinks host competitions on their Instagram, where they give away 48 cans every month! I love what this company does, as they run educational projects in Africa. They definitely make an impact, as 10% of their profit goes to their charity The Berrywhite Foundation.


Kenneth Turner room fragrances and candles

Kenneth Turner


I went to the Kenneth Turner stand after the crowd died down and even then it was still rather busy. On display were a number of candles, hand creams and what I can only describe as fragrant goodness. There is a story behind each fragrance, my favourite being called Celebration. A gorgeous floral fragrance that was subtle and not overpowering. I will most definitely be purchasing a selection of these candles for my home.

This was an outstanding event, I had a great time and met with some great brands. I have an array of products I am yet to try, and I will be working with a brand called United Beauty, so keep your eyes peeled!

Signing off for now, until next time <3

Trousseau x


  1. Josephine
    April 5, 2016 / 6:26 pm

    Hahah I like the name Berry white foundation, but I’m always a bit weary about drinks that claim to be sugar free. Is it just pumped then with E numbers, syrup and other artificial sweeteners?

    would defo like to try the curl products but on afro hair???

    • trousseau
      April 5, 2016 / 9:58 pm

      Hi Josephine,

      Berrywhite drinks taste great which is something I don’t often experience with sugar-free drinks. No added sugar in any of their drinks and nothing arificial is added. Shocking I know! The drinks contain a 50/50 combination of organic fruit juice and water. There is nothing artificial in any of their products and all of the flavourings are natural. Visit for more info and try the drinks for yourself. Berrywhite drinks are stocked in Holland and Barrett,

      Yes on afro hair! The Curl Company products are brilliant for curly,coily or wavy hair as they help to define your natural curl pattern

      Trousseau x

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