Goodness Gracious Mead!

The Bloggers Hangout hosted a Tea Party, at Popup Patio in the City of London. I attended with my blogger buddy Lauren aka Saharasplash. The event focused on food and drink, two things I love 🙂 I also like silly jokes and puns too. This brings me on to my first favourite of the night. Goodness gracious Mead do I love beer!

Goodness Gracious Mead

Mead Ho!

The Mead Ho! Brand, combines puns and great tasting honeyed beer that is brewed in Latvia. The flavour is sweet yet balanced, light, and easy to drink. This would be a great beer to have at a barbecue this summer. If you are a lover of fruity ciders, this would definitely be one for you.

Goodness Gracious Mead


Chikas stood out to me because of the West African connection. My mother is from Sierra Leone, so I had to try the delicacies that were on offer. When I tasted the hand toasted peanuts, my taste buds travelled to Freetown as they were reminded of what I enjoy when holidaying in Africa. The range is stocked at Waitrose and includes black pepper cashews, smoked almonds and chickpea crisps.

The packaging really does sets the brand apart from similar products that are on the market. There is an air of luxury about it and logo with the African woman, exudes elegance. I am not ashamed to say, I sampled everything that was on display 🙂

Goodness Gracious Mead

Just Bee

Just Bee is going to be a summer favourite i’m sure. It’s perfect for the upcoming season and awesome for your waistline! Less than 50 calories! Yes I said less than 50 calories! This is great for kids and also adults, who have issues with drinking water. The water content in the drinks ranges from 86% to 92% and the flavours are natural.  The magic ingredient is the drop of honey that is added. My favorite was the apple and ginger. I brought one home, and as much as I love my daughter, I really didn’t want to share lol 😛

Goodness Gracious Mead

Jake’s Boost

Jake’s Boost is a wonderful brand. Not only does it taste fabulous, it’s great for your health. Their butters contain 10 different nuts and seeds and are free of salt, sugar, gluten and dairy. For each jar of nut butter sold, a breakfast is provided for a needy child in the UK. It literally does, what it says on the jar, ‘Feel good, do good’. I will be writing a separate post about this brand in detail, as part of a series. Look out for it!

Goodness Gracious Mead


All I can say is OMG! This Snact fruit jerky was everything and then some. Perfect for lunch boxes and healthy snacking. I took a packet to work with me, and instead of going to my sweetie stash, I had my apple and mango fruit jerky and it was gooood. Sweet fix, but healthy and better benefits for this wedding body I am trying to get!

Goodness Gracious Mead

The Cocoa Den

Hands up if you like chocolate! Whatever you want made out of chocolate, Kate Burton of The Cocoa Den would be the perfect person to help. The Cocoa Den creates hand crafted chocolates and cakes. If you want to try crafting chocolate, you can book a place on one of chocolate workshops on offer. Perfect hen do activity! There was a suggestion box at this stand, for new chocolate creation ideas. I suggested an African tribal mask. Think that would be pretty cool!

The Bloggers Hangout Tea Party was great. I had a great time, met fantastic brands and some amazing bloggers.

Until next time,

Trousseau x


  1. April 20, 2016 / 5:29 pm

    What a fun event! Looks exactly like something I would enjoy as well! I’m going to check out Just Bee. Sounds like it would be great to have on hand!

    • trousseau
      April 20, 2016 / 10:23 pm

      Thank you for stopping by Paula!? Just bee are amazing, especially when chilled. They have so many flavours and it’s a great way to stay hydrated over the summer months x

  2. Shy
    July 1, 2016 / 11:46 pm

    Now that’s my kind of tea party! Lol ❤

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