Trousseau Diaries: The First Month

The first month of The Trousseau Diaries has been an experience, I must say.  I have enjoyed where blogging has taken me so far and,  I wanted to share my experiences with you all.  Through this post, you will be able to see a bit more of who I am, as I have been pretty tame thus far!

I’m not going to review anything as such, this is just a retrospective.

How It All started…My first month

Soooo…I was meant to start blogging last year, but life got in the way. I’m planning my wedding as well as juggling my 9-5. I was getting frustrated with my role at work as I felt things were stagnant. I also had a few things going on that rocked me emotionally as well. I had an awful lot going on. When I was feeling extremely sorry for myself my good friend, Lauren aka Saharasplash invited me to a blogging event. She has been my go-to blogging guru and extremely helpful. The funny thing is, I was so caught up in how I was feeling, I didn’t want to go. Don’t know if you have experienced this, but, you don’t want to go somewhere, you force yourself to go, and then you end up having a really good time. That’s what happened when I went to BLFW hosted by Bloggers Hangout.

For me, the event was not just about meeting brands. I was able to meet other bloggers too. The blogging community is ever so friendly. As I was walking around the event, apart from the goodies I received, I found myself in a place where I was thinking about my blog and creativity started to take over. This was the escapism I needed. So of this event, Trousseau Diaries was born.

Events I have been to…

Bloggers Hangout Tea Party

The month of April was a bit of a busy one. I went to a load of events. I attended The Bloggers Hangout Tea Party. This was another great event where I met an amazing blogger/fashion designer called Priscillia Okpan check out her Instagram here. I love all things Africa and some of her designs incorporate Ankara fabric

The Wedding Fair

The Wedding fair was great as its on my doorstep. I have been to so many wedding shows and it can be quite overwhelming. For this show, I had a targeted approach, a hit list. I basically had a list of things I hadn’t got sorted from my wedding and visited those exhibitors. This was a brilliant opportunity as it served a double purpose. I was there for myself, but there were a number of blogging opportunities that came up as well.

I found the jewellers for our wedding bands, Hannah Rose. They are fabulous as they offer great value for money. As suppliers to other jewellers in Hatton Garden. Their rings cost about a 1/3 of the RRP of their peers in the jewellery district. I also got to have a chat with some wedding car hire companies. More and more brides are taking the diy route for their weddings so there were some workshops and things you could buy, to get your craft on 🙂


Press Days

These definitely formed part of my learning curve. As a blogger, I found these events to be quite useful. You are able to see what is coming out in the forthcoming season. Depending on the layout of the event, you can speak directly to the brand about collaborating, or have direct access to the brand through their PR representatives. I went to a few press days but there were two that stood out to me. Trace PR and Lucy Choi London. Trace PR represent a number of fashion brands and have just launched the beauty part of their business. Rituals have some amazing new products and Bronnley the classic brand has a new edgy range that would definitely appeal to a younger audience.

First Month

first month

Lucy Choi Flagship Launch

Lucy Choi London is a fairly new luxury shoe brand.  They opened their flagship store in Central London last month. I would put this brand in the fabulous affordable luxury category.  The shoes are amazing, and in the store you will find a shoe for absolutely any occasion.

Lucy Choi

Things I have learnt so far…

  • Twitter chats are Awesome! You can interact with other bloggers and it is a great platform for sharing valuable information
  • Read other blogs, I found that by reading other blogs I was widening my pool of blogging knowledge. It was also great to know on certain days that I wasn’t the only person who ‘felt like that’
  • Most importantly, consistency is key. I haven’t been great with posting to be honest but I’m working on it. This is my second post for this week,was meant to be posted yesterday. I’m not going to be hard on myself though as I know, I’m taking the necessary steps to be better! The aim is not only three time a week, but specific days- Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Things I’m working on

  • My Instagram needs some real TLC. I was told I should post at least 3 times a day…not even been doing 3 times a week ?
  • Would love to work with some more brands. But domain authority is getting in the way of this relationship…well not totally…it could be better lol.
  • I just want to continue loving what I’m doing! I’ve had a fab experience so far, and the beauty with this is you don’t know where it will take you!

Trousseau x



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