Shades of Mia Mina

Shades of Mia Mina

I discovered Shades of Mia Mina, earlier this month when I was off sick with an ear infection booooooo 🙁 During that time I spent a lot of time on Twitter. My days were filled with tweets, retweets and likes all from the comfort of my bed. As I scrolled through my timeline, I saw a tweet about a blog post. Now my timeline is always flooded with blog links, but this one really grabbed my attention.

What caught my eye…

The blog itself was called “My Black Matters” and that interested me. However, what actually reeled me in, was the title of the post ‘My Black Skin Matters: My Quest To Find ‘Nude’ Clothing For My Dark Skin’ I read the piece and was absolutely blown away. I could relate to much of what was written. It was more than food for thought; it was a realisation that again, although living in a multicultural society, the world hasn’t quite caught up yet…fashion industry included ?

Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve become a bit of a social media stalker! (Don’t judge me! You have probably done it too! Don’t even try to lie lol) I read the post and just had to find out all I could about ‘Shades of Mia Mina’. So I started with Twitter then I moved onto Instagram (now I just sound creepy?)

The face behind the brand…

The brand was founded by Nicola Smith who is based in The Midlands. I have always been intrigued by inventors and innovators. As time progresses, we can see we have two types of people. One set of people find products and services to solve their problems, in the best way possible. Then you have the people who are not satisfied until they have solved their problem, even if it means they have to innovate and create, they problem solve, they trouble shoot. This is how Shades of Mia Mina was born.

Nicola Smith- Founder and CEO

Nicola Smith- Founder and CEO

Shades of Mia Mina- Nude Fashion Diversified

Shades of Mia Mina was formed when Nicola was unable to find nude clothing that matched her skin tone. The nude clothing available on the mainstream market lacked dimension, it was all beige! After an intensive search and much frustration, she decided to confront these generic ideas and launch a brand for women of all skin tones. The bottom line of this conversation is that ‘our nudes’ are not all the same, so we should all be represented. Motivated by the lack of diversity and driven by a passion to make things happen, Nicola started the company backed by Virgin StartUp (UK).

Caramel Tone


Champagne Blush

Champagne Blush

What we can expect from the brand…

Launching this summer (OMG Exciting!!), the British luxury fashion label will provide an online shopping destination for women of all skin tones. The statement nude clothing will be available in 6 shades: Champagne Blush, Cashew, Café au Lait, Caramel, Cocoa and Coffee.  The prices are similar to those you would find in House of CB or Lipsy for example. Initially, the sizes will range from UK size 6-14, with other sizes being added in the future.

Collection l-r Caramel,Cocoa and Coffee

Collection – Caramel,Cocoa and Coffee

Why Shades of Mia Mina?

“Mia” is a name of Latin origin, meaning “mine”. “Mina” means “beauty” in Japanese. The name sums up defines the brand beautifully, as Shades of Mia Mina recognises and celebrates the beauty and individuality of different skin tones.

Visit the Shades of Mia Mina website and find more nude fashion inspo on their Instagram page

Looking forward to the launch so I can get my shop on!

Trousseau x

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  1. Samantha
    May 24, 2016 / 7:46 pm

    Those nude dresses are amazing! 🙂

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