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This is the first instalment of my new series, Twitter Finds. The series will be looking at brands and amazing people I have connected with in the past few months, this post is about Tesmaraneh,a sustainable clothing brand. I love Twitter and it’s actually quite funny, as I was one of these people who didn’t understand the massive hype about it. Boy have things changed! I hardly go on Facebook anymore because it’s not the same anymore.  Actually tell a lie, I like my Judi Love and Nina Justsayin vids, but apart from that, it’s a non event!  Twitter has allowed me to interact with people from all over the world, sharing opinions and interests and I don’t even have to be friends with them to do so!

I love the fact that I can be watching a TV show and get live commentary and hilarious hashtags on Twitter at the same time. On a more serious note, I love how Twitter connects people.

How did I find Tesmaraneh?

Karma led me Tesmaraneh… Well it was really Karma Cola that brought me to this wonderful place. I was going home on the train and a good friend of mine, mentioned that she would be collaborating with the Karma Cola brand. Without going into too much detail, Karma Cola get the Kola nuts for their product from Sierra Leone. Now you may be wondering, what does this have to do with anything? I then did a search for Sierra Leone on Twitter. My mum comes from Sierra Leone so it has a very special place in my heart, in my heritage. I was amazed by the number of good news stories there were and this is where I stumbled across Tesmaraneh Brand.  After a bit of twitter interaction, I went to the website and this is where i discovered the extent of what the brand does.


The Cause

The company is headed up by Isatu Bundu. I have been speaking to her, over the past few weeks, about the brand and how it started. She is based in Ghana at the moment.

Now you may remember one of my earlier posts where I mentioned my love for TED talks. I tend to enjoy the talks about education, Africa. The Tesmaraneh Brand aims to support girls education in Sierra Leone by manufacturing traditional yet modern African clothing.  The company was launched because of what Isatu experienced as a teenage girl growing up in Sierra Leone. Isatu’s mother was illiterate and as a result, their quality of life was not that great.  Because of her mothers illiteracy, she was unable to work, so she never really had a job. The family was dependent on others, and her dad didn’t really show any interest in his family.  Isatu believed hat if her mother had an education, she would be able to take care of her family and they would have a better life.


The Plan

Because of Isatu’s experience as a teenager, she vowed that she would do her part, when it came to education of girls. Her dream was to work for an educational organisation or start her own. With this ambition, she went Sweden, where she had the opportunity to study abroad. She decided to start her own clothing brand. Isatu, went over the ideas with her fellow students, and they advised her to put together a business plan. From here Isatu went on to complete an online course in Social Entrepreneurship. Whilst doing the course, Isatu remembers a promise she made to employ a tailor. Yousef, the tailor, was very hardworking. He worked 7 days a week, and sometimes worked until 10 pm, underpaid and exploited.  On top of this he was a single father. His son would often be with his father in the shop.

Tesmaraneh aims to use fashion for good,promote girls education and help local tailors and artisans. the brand gives back, and this is something I really admire.


Fashion that cares

If you like myself, are passionate about education, Africa, or you are just looking for a cause to support, look no further. Here is the crowdfunding link. On the site, there is a video that tells you a bit more about the brand.  The range has a variety of pieces and I shall be placing my order in the very near future! Gents, there are things available for you too!



To see more of the brand and how it develops, be sure to follow Tesmaraneh on Twitter and Instagram.

Trousseau xx








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