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Oh my goodness! I have been terrible and not posted in over a month! My wedding is fast approaching, and I have less than 25 days until I become a Mrs!! Eeek 🙂  This post is going to be a real pick and mix, where I will be sharing a few of my favourite things.  Things I have done, events I have been too, and little bits of random! Bit like me really lol 🙂


For those of you who follow me on social media, you will know that I have placed myself on a crisp ban!!  I love crisps!  I have now been crisp free for 9 weeks and I’m ever so proud of myself.  I want to create a better version of myself, and this includes taking care of my health and diet.  To replace crisps I have been having yummy fruit mixes and naked nuts.  The higher the fibre content, the fuller I am. If I’m full, to the there is no need to snack.  This brings me to the first of my favourite things.


I have been having KIND bars for a few days and they are KINDa fabulous! Sorry still love a pun!  They taste awesomely amazing I must say 🙂 My favourite bar being maple glazed pecan and sea salt.  In a word, lush! I have been cutting out quite a lot of starchy foods, and where possible, I have also been trying to avoid gluten.  KIND bars are gluten-free, have a high fibre content, and are free from artificial flavouring and preservatives. There are two ranges, Nuts & Spices, and Fruit & Nut.  When I eat a KIND bar, mid morning it normally keeps me going until lunchtime.

The bars do contain sugar, but in comparison to other snack bars, they have over 40% less sugar.  I have a few more left, but I will have these after my detox. The bars are stocked in Waitrose,Tesco, Sainbury’s, and they’re also available in Whole Foods Markets.  They wont break the bank either as they cost between £1.25 and £1.50!

10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

I bought this book by J.J smith online after receiving a recommendation.  I have detoxed before, but have never really followed through.  When I saw that the cleanse lasted 10 days, I thought I would give it a go.  I just started the cleanse today, and I will say, so far so good.  I am doing the modified version of the cleanse.  This means I have one healthy meal consisting of skinless chicken or fish with a salad or vegetables.  The other meals are replaced with smoothies.   You are allowed to snack, healthy snacks of course, as you are not meant to starve yourself. Today I had some naked nuts, couple of boiled eggs and a banana.  For lunch, I had a massive plate of green salad and a baked chicken breast.

10-Day green smoothie cleanse

The book is brilliant.  It goes into detail, explaining why each green leaf  is beneficial to your health  and essential for detox.  I’m feeling great and hoping I will be able to stick to it.  I have been so busy, any type of energy boost would be appreciated! I will cover the cleanse in more detail, in another post. One thing I will say, its making me pee a lot…sorry TMI

I will be covering my detox journey on the blog next week, so look out for it! The results have been amazing, making it one of my favourite things.

Thirty Plus Awards

Last month I attended the inaugural Thirty Plus awards at the swanky Charlotte Street hotel.  It was a great night out as I attended with fellow blogger This Leo Loves.  I have been to a few blogging events, but this was really quite different, but good different.  I managed to speak with three bloggers who are more experienced in the blogging game (Love Leah, Silver Spoon London and Mookie’s Life).  They offered valuable advice, especially about growing your social media following.  Everyone was so friendly, and it was a super event, you could see the effort that went into making it perfect.

Thirty Plus Awards

The event was sponsored by The Body Shop, who are celebrating their 40th anniversary.  I love their products, and have been making purchases with them for over 20 years.  From lip balm pots to animal shaped fruity soap, to my teenage fave, white musk gift baskets.  I could go on, as I have literally grown up with the brand.  The bath oil pearls were pretty fab as well. The Body Shop kindly provided the award attendees with a brilliant goody bag.  This nicely brings me onto some more of my favourite things.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop

Oils of Life Facial Oil and Vitamin E Moisture Cream

My skin is not only sensitive, but it is rather dry.  The hot dry weather we had last month, really messed up my skin.  My skin was peeling around my t-zone and to make matters worse, the area was red and sore.  The redness calmed down eventually, but the dry skin didn’t.  A make up artist suggested I use a serum, or oil before moisturiser.  Fortunately, I got both of these things in my goody bag.  I first used the oil-moisturiser combination the same evening I received it! I noticed the results almost instantly. Almost 2 weeks later, I can say my skin is truly hydrated.  the flaking and redness have ceased and my complexion has improved greatly.  I would definitely recommend these products for dry and sensitive skin. The Oils of Life facial oil is exactly what it says…LIFE!!  The Vitamin E cream is equally amazing.

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day, starting with the skin!  These new favourite things of mine, will definitely be part of my skincare regime going forward.


I hope the break between posts isn’t so long next time! It actually won’t be!!

Next week I will be sharing some of my Top 10 lists and things i found useful when planning my wedding.

If you aren’t already, check me out on twitter and Instagram!!

See y’all later

Trousseau x




  1. Peta-Kay Gordon
    August 19, 2016 / 7:18 am

    You have busy haven’t you. I love the kind bars I had them for the first time last year when I was in the US they really do taste great. I’ll be on the look out on my next food shop for them.

    • trousseau
      August 19, 2016 / 8:06 am

      Super busy! Not too long until the wedding now. Can’t wait! 😉 they taste really good, what’s your favourite bar?
      Thanks for stopping by xx

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