All things bride and beautiful- The DIY wedding budget

all things bride and beautiful

I went through the wedding planning process last year and it has been a while since I covered anything bridal, so here goes!!

Having never planned a wedding before and I must say, it can be quite overwhelming.  It is all too easy to get caught up daydreaming about pics seen Pinterest, Instagram and bridal magazines. This is all just part of the inspiration stage ( I will talk about this in a later post)

The Budget

First things first, sort out your budget for the wedding. We got engaged in November 2014. This gave my husband and I just under 2 years to plan our big day. Some may say we had a long engagement, who cares! During this time, I had the opportunity to get my personal finances in better order (still not perfect, but I’m working on it). This time allowed us to set up payment plans with various vendors, so we didn’t feel the brunt of the massive costs.

I personally believe it is important to set a budget and allocate estimated costs. It’s amazing to look back at what you thought the cost was vs what it actually was. This allows you to see where you have made a saving and then you can reallocate the saving to something else if necessary.

Microsoft Excel became my buddy as I would keep track of tasks and budgets here, my husband thought I was being super anal! There are wedding budgeting tools available online. I used Bridebook. Online tools are great, as they list things that are important, that people tend to forget.

Google Docs was amazing.  The online drive hosted my e-scrapbook, to-do lists and guest lists.  This was really good for organising the guest list as all updates were live.  This allowed everyone I had shared the drive with, to see updated lists at all times.

I believe everyone who decides to get married, wants the wedding of their dreams. This does not have to cost the earth either. When I was planning my wedding, I wanted what I wanted. It wasn’t something I was willing to negotiate ? After paying for all things wedding, you need to be able to live. No point in having wedding of the year,whilst surviving off bread and water!

if you have the time, make it yourself!

Pinterest provided so much inspiration, sometimes a bit too much to be honest lol.  I did however, feel inspired, so I started to look at the possibility of making things.

Centrepieces were not included in my wedding package at my venue.  I researched hiring them and felt that the costs were rather high for something I was going to return.  A close family friend of mine, put the centrepieces together for me.  She is amazingly talented and can make something out of nothing. My friend Lauren aka Saharasplash was amazing during this process.  She sourced my goldfish/cocktail bowls for me…from the pound shop!

The mirror bases were sourced online, coloured beads and mini led tea light from eBay.  I got the flowers for the centrepieces from Tesco Direct.  Each piece cost me less than £8 to produce.

The wedding favours were made by my Bridesmaids and I.  My Maid of Honour thisleoloves brought wine round, and we sat in my living room putting them together.  I ordered sweets from Amazon in bulk, along with some clear bags. My colour scheme was royal blue and white.  I manage to get some blue and white Haribo hearts and blue raspberry bonbons.  My wedding guests with kids may not have appreciated the favours in the same way their kids did!! We had loads of blue tongues and faces bouncing around on the dance floor 🙂

All things bride and beautiful

I ordered organza bags online from Organza Bags UK.  The site is great and they have colours to fit any colour scheme. A close colleague kindly designed my favour tags and  I added a bit of sparkle with diamante gems I got from the pound shop.

All things bride and beautiful

All things Bride and beautiful

Look out for future posts on the wedding planning process.

Trousseau xx


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