10 things I’ve discovered whilst being pregnant

Hey gang, it’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left You… without a dope post, you know the rest! All jokes aside, it’s been a crazy few months with too many emotional rollercoasters to mention. If you follow me on the forever changing algorithm app Instagram, you will see I am expecting another baby. This is just a quick post, talking about being pregnant and things I’ve discovered during this pregnancy.

Baby on board badges make people blind

Okay not all people!! I use the tube on a daily basis to get to work. It can be an absolute nightmare. My biggest bugbear whilst travelling on the tube are people who have clearly downloaded stuff to watch on their commute, but can only do so whilst sitting in the priority seating area *insert eye roll*. It was a bit awkward initially, but I started asking politely for a seat. I would get one eventually, but sometimes people felt the need to check if I had a badge or presence of a bump before giving up the seat. I get one almost all the time now I have a melon belly, but it is awfully frustrating!!

Baby on Board badge

Morning sickness is not a joke

It’s a sad day, when a food lover is unable to eat. Everything made me sick, even my husband’s deodorant!! He had to put it on downstairs. His aftershave that I normally love, smelly people on the train, the struggle was very real. I had a very specific diet for 12 weeks…it was whatever I could keep down…until that made me sick!! Chips made me sick, chicken made me sick (except nandos wings-extra hot) God bless Nandos!

Gestational diabetes sucks

Just as I entered my second trimester, the morning sickness disappeared and gestational diabetes appeared in it’s place. Thank God I do not have to take insulin or any other medication! I test my glucose levels after meals and that is rather annoying!! I manage the condition with a carefully controlled diet.  This has been so hard as sometimes all I want is a Big Mac and a full fat Coke.  My portion sizes have reduced considerably, well the carbs have as they turn to sugars 🙁  On the flipside I haven’t really put on too much weight, so I hopefully won’t have too much to lose. I really don’t want to have a caesarean due to my baby being too big, so yup I will abide by the sensible diet.

Blood glucose testing kit

4D scans are amazeballs

I don’t think I have ever had so many scans in my life! When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had one scan at 20 weeks I think. Mind You, that was 17 years ago. The hubby and I decided we wanted to see how our baby was forming and oh my goodness we were blown away. We booked our 4D scan privately with a company called Window to the Womb. The service is amazing and there always seems to be an offer of some kind on the packages as well. It’s a really nice experience as you get to see what your little bundle looks like. Can’t wait to meet the little one!! Not too long to go now!!

Window to Womb 4D Scan

Window to Womb 4D Scan


Mothercare expectant parent event

I attended the one at the Westfield Stratford store and it was fantastic. Midwives from Homerton hospital were present and gave a really good talk on labour, what to expect and the all important part, pain relief! The hubby got to try on a preggy belly, which shows the extra weight a mum carries once full term. He is not a whimp, but even he had to salute the mum’s to be!

We got a a voucher which we put towards our travel system. Any money you can save is a good thing! Can I get an AMEN? You can find out more about these events at your local store here

The amount of free stuff you can get is great

Signing up to websites such as Bounty and Emma’s Diary are really good. You get weekly email updates as your pregnancy progresses. I find these super useful, especially when I think I’m having a weird pregnancy symptom. Best of all, these sites have FREE bags with sample and full size products for each stage of pregnancy.

Fear can steal your joy

My husband and I are youth leaders at our church. During the summer break , we attended a festival called Limitless with a load of our young people. We had a great week despite the Noah-esque flood style rain at the beginning of the week that tried to wash us out! The festival was amazing, we had a great mix of seminars to feed Ones faith, lively worship, and group activities.

Although I was there in the capacity as a youth leader/guardian, many of the messages for the young people actually spoke to me as well. There was one particular message that spoke strongly to me. A speaker called Dan Blythe spoke about fear. Now, I have always considered myself to be rather bold, and fearless in a way. However, I had to re-evaluate when it came to my mind that I was actually a victim of fear. A victim?! That’s a bit dramatic isn’t it? That’s what some of you may think, but if something takes you to the point of irrational thinking, or consumes you in any type of way, the word victim is pretty apt.

As some of you know, last year my husband and I suffered a miscarriage. This was a truly devastating experience. It affected us greatly and I even wondered what was wrong with me. Fast forward to April this year, I find out we are expecting again. I am absolutely overjoyed but this joy is overshadowed by fear. So much so, I don’t want anyone to know I’m pregnant. I’m thinking to myself, what if I tell people and the same thing happens again?

I found it quite difficult to enjoy pregnancy in the beginning. Each milestone was just another thing to tick off the list. It was almost like I didn’t want to get my hopes up as I always had a “what if something goes wrong again” lurking in my mind. After the session, and a one to one with God, I decided that I was no longer going to be a slave to fear. I was going to put all my fears in the hands of the One who I believe is in total control. It was not easy and the relief was not immediate. I’m am happy to say that I am now enjoying each moment of pregnancy. Even though the aches and pains are very real at times lol! Which nicely brings me on to the next point, balls, pregnancy balls

Pregnancy balls are the bomb.com

Never in my life have I felt like such an old woman! I have had lower back pain, sciatic pain, basically all types of pain! I never experienced this whilst carrying my daughter, so I naively thought this pregnancy would be similar. Boy was I wrong, I clearly forgot how young and supple my body was 17 years ago.

My pregnancy ball has been amazing and is a furniture staple in my living room. It really relieves the pressure on my back and can also help the baby get into the right position for birth. I bought my one from Amazon and it has been fabulous.

Pregnancy ball

You are a different type of tired

I am currently 35 weeks pregnant so I don’t really have long to go. Being tired is expected as you are growing a whole little person inside of you. However, at this stage getting out of bed makes me tired. Stratford Westfield is two tube stops from me. I sit down all the way…you’ve guessed It, I’m tired. I have one flight of stairs in my house. Why do I have to tackle them in 2 parts? Lol

I’m glad I’m on maternity leave now, as I can start having afternoon naps!

My immune system feels like it has stopped working

It hasnt though…

As I type this post, I am currently experiencing week 5 of a stinking cough/cold that doesn’t want to go anywhere! It is super annoying. I cant even cough properly, as everything is squished due to baby growth. The nose blowing, the coughing, it’s all a bit much. I guess the worst thing is the fact you can’t really take anything for it. I think I have had every version of lemon and honey. I’ve remixed it and added in ginger and bit of garlic. It’s not very nice being ill but meeting our little boy will make every cough, sneeze, snotfest, ache and pain irrelevant.

Until next time,
Trousseau xx

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  1. gee gee
    November 20, 2017 / 5:22 pm

    Love this, keep sharing, u are changing lives through ur experiences

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