Feeling the fuego at Longflint pop-up Bar

I must say, this journey called, my life has been full of twists and turns.  Throw motherhood and all that comes with it into the mix, and we have a bit of a cocktail! You will see where I am going with this shortly.  Last week, I had a much needed night off.  Baby milk pumped for the night, I set off on my travels to Shoreditch.  I met This Leo Loves, one of my favourite people at Old street tube station. Within 5 minutes, we were at our destination, the Longflint Pop-up Bar.

As we entered, I looked to my left, and I kid you not, there was literally a cocktail wall. I felt it was a really creative way to display the drinks on offer along with their ingredients. The bottles were encased in wooden boxes and mounted.  Its fair to say, it was almost a visual story of how each drink came about, ingredient wise.

A bit about Longflint

This is a really interesting brand as they have taken some traditional drink mixes, and added their own delicious twist. The tonic, seltzers and soda mixers are handmade by them and mixed with a Craft Spirit, from a British producer. Inspired by food and drink experts and urban foragers, the mixers compliment the various flavours.

My top 3

There were 6 drinks available on the menu.  We wanted to try all of them, but decided to be sensible lol 😉

We started off with the Ginger & Rum Fuego. This drink was the one! How could something be so spicy yet refreshing at the same time? It was super smooth on the tastebuds.  The second drink we ordered was the Negroni Sbagliato, it was nice, kind of fruity,with a bit of a herby undertone.  The third and final drink of the night was Rhubarb & Organic Vodka.  Initially, when I saw it on the menu, I thought of school rhubarb crumble.  When I tasted the drink I was pleasantly surprised.  It was well balanced in flavour and the rhubarb wasn’t overpowering at all.  All of the drinks were great, but the Rum Fuego tops the list for me.

Longflint pop-up bar

The address is 2 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3DR.  If you want to visit, you better get in there quickly as the bar is open until August 1.  Great thing about the Longflint pop-up bar,is its nice on your pocket, All drinks are a fiver!!!

Trousseau xx

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  1. July 21, 2018 / 11:55 pm

    I love a cocktail, and this sounds really fun and unique. Can’t say I’ve ever been to a pop up bar. Though I must admit I think the grapefruit and sour cherry would of been my go to. Glad you had a good time, and a well needed night off.xx


    • trousseau
      July 22, 2018 / 11:35 am

      Oh deffo, they have had a few 2 for 1 drinks offers recently too. Look on their insta. I actually wanted to try that cherry cocktail first, but I guess I’ll have that next time one there. Nights off just give me a nice little energy boost so it was nice xx

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