Maintaining me on SMP-mat leave budget

I say maintaining me but I mean the family lol. So I’m on maternity leave which has been amazing thus far. However, now I’m no longer getting my full pay, I am now on Statutory Maternity Pay. This means I have to be smart and budget the money coming in! Of course the belt has to be tightened ever so slightly…who am I kidding! Maybe a bit more than slightly!! This post is going to be a mix of common sense and new discoveries, so here goes!

Can’t buy new clothing treats…

Who says that has to be the case? My sister This Leo Loves put me on to a site called BlackBetty. If you have an addictive personality I suggest you move on to the next section of this post! I have spent a total of £40.20. For this sum (sounds a bit robin hood but I’ll keep it lol) I purchased a coat and 3 dresses!! That isn’t even the best part!

BlackBetty sells overstock from various stores that you can find on the high street. On the site, you see their price vs the RRP. You don’t know what the brand is until it arrives. Although it’s a bit of a lottery, I’ve not been disappointed yet! My coat and one of my dresses came from Mango so I was happy. I will model some of these items, and post the looks on Instagram. You will see on my Instagram feed, I’m not one to do outfit of the day posts. My posing can be so rigid, I look downright uncomfortable lol! I would much rather post a candid picture until I perfect my pose game 🙂 It’s just something that doesn’t come naturally to me ?

Baby mush for the bubba aka baby food and weaning

I will be the first to admit, baby food has come such a long way in 17 years. Imagine, you can get jerk chicken and rice in a pouch for your young one! Gone are the days when you could just get variations of pasta Bolognese and banana custard. All of the brands are making more of an effort to accommodate various cultures and dietary requirements.

I started my son off on the Ella’s Kitchen pouches. They tick so many boxes. There is a massive variety. The meals are healthy, organic with no added preservatives, sugar or salt. Now I have gone down to less than half pay, I have to reconsider my options. I love the product but buying them on a weekly basis on a long term basis is not financially viable for my budget.

I’ve decided that I won’t stop buying the pouches as I’ll use them when we are out and about. They work out at about £5 for about 6 pouches, if they are on offer. I have decided to go down the homemade route, as I can produce a month of food for £5 or less. The picture below is literally 1 potato and half a carrot blended with breast milk. I got the Tommee Tippee baby blender from Amazon for £10, perfect for my current budget. It’s a nifty little thing and does a great job!

If you just don’t have the time to make baby food, you can try the supermarkets own brand. For the past month or so we have been getting the Asda Little Angels Range. Each meal pouch costs a mere 59p. The dessert/fruit multi pack with 5 pouches currently costs £1.50. This range is also organic. My only complaint is the range lacks variety.

Baby events, the budget blessings!

God bless supermarket baby events!!

On my last visit to Tesco I bought a load of pampers as they went down to £4 a pack. I think Asda was doing them for like £3.75!! When we see deals like this, we get Hezzy’s current size and the next size up. Most supermarkets have baby clubs. I signed up to so many whilst pregnant. They are so useful as you get money off coupons and you hear about baby events first!! Boots Parenting Club is a good one as well. If you link your Boots card to your membership, the money off coupons are added.

So there you have it! Three things I’m doing/utilising to save a bit of money. If you have any other money saving or budgeting ideas, please feel free to comment. I think I’m going to try and keep this up even when I return to work! Just means I can save more or put more into family holiday budget and other things we do.

Until next time, save money and (literally) prosper lol ?

Trousseau xx


    • trousseau
      July 16, 2018 / 7:06 am

      Glad you liked! Thanks for the heads up about the Aldi baby event, must check it out xxx

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