Babyled Spreads: Weaning Winter Warmers

Hezzy is 9 months old and he loves his food. He does not muck around when it comes to his tum tum. Hezzy is a also a bit of a weaning pro! He isn’t fussy with with textures, meaning I can experiment with his meals.

When he first started solids, I would buy the baby food in foil pouches. I also used to blend purees for him and freeze them. He would also have little tastes of what we were eating as well. We started with one solid meal in addition to breast feeding. We have gradually built it up over time and he has breakfast, lunch and dinner with milk in between and before bed.

Babyled Spreads jars and packaging

Lunch is normally a shop bought pouch, and I will cook a meal in the evening for dinner. I always try to make him a cooked meal for one of his mealtimes. The thing is, you run out of ways to make the food interesting…well I did anyway ?

Babyled spreads

There are 6 spreads available in the range.

• Green pea, rocket and dill

• Red lentil and sweet potato

• Spicy pumpkin and chickpea

• Ricotta and bean

• Avocado, red pepper and tomato

• Carrot, Apple and hummus

Ricotta and bean, avocado/red pepper & tomato and carrot/apple and hummus Babyled spreads 3 packAs you can see, the flavours really do vary, such lovely combinations.The spreads are free from artificial preservatives, which is a definite plus!

I’m yet to use all of the spreads for Hezzy. I must say, they have definitely jazzed up mealtimes. The jars are the perfect size meaning there is no waste! Although the jars are branded as spreads, they work well as cooking sauces.

Call me Mezza Berry the baby cuisine specialist

Mezza is one of my nicknames by the way, and we know who Mary Berry is lol! These spreads have made me feel like a celebrity baby chef? They have also saved me a bit of time! In the spirit of sharing is caring, here are a few of the dishes, I’ve made for my son

Saucy pasta

I literally just boiled some baby pasta and mixed in a jar of the avocado, red pepper and tomato spread. I served it with broccoli, it went down a treat

baby pasta with avocado, red pepper and tomato Babyled spread with broccoli in a baby bowl with a baby spoon

Creamy pasta bake

I made a Bolognese base and added chopped carrots. To baby pasta, I added the ricotta and bean spread.

Baby pasta in a bowl and hand holding Ricotta and bean Babyled spread
Once mixed, I added a spoonful of Bolognese

spoon of bolognese with carrots over bowl of baby pastaBolognese, baby pasta and babyled spread all mixed together in a bowlI spooned the mixture into a small ovenproof dish, and topped with grated cheddar

Bolognese and babyled spread pasta mix in ovenproof dishCheese sprinkled on top of pasta mixPopped it into the oven until the cheese melted

finished product

Beach Hut Pie

Due to the bright colours, it would have been wrong for me to call it cottage pie! ??

I browned seasoned mince with some onion. Added a beef stock pot and frozen mixed veg.
To some carrot and Swede mash, I stirred in the red lentil and sweet potato spread. Mixed that all together.

Red lentil and sweet potato babyled spread jar being held over carrot and swede mashmixing babyled spread with swede and carrot mashPut the mince into a small oven proof dish

Mince and veg base in ovenproof dish
Topped mince with mash mix and red Leicester cheese. Popped it in the oven until cheese melted

pie topped with mash and red Leicester cheese

The verdict

Empty bowls each time! I love the way I can remix the flavours of the dishes I prepare for my son. The spreads have allowed me to be more creative with my dishes. By switching the flavours in the meals and adding Babyled spreads, they are no longer the same. The jars also do not break the bank. They work out at less than £1 each and come in packs of 9 or 18. They can be purchased here

If you want to add a little magic to your baby’s meals, I would definitely recommend Babyled spreads. They are a great way to introduce new flavours and are packed with nutritional goodness.

Who said weaning had to be a puree party? Even little ones deserve a party in their mouths from time to time!


Trousseau xx


  1. October 2, 2018 / 8:16 pm

    Okay I don’t have no babies unless my Sims having a baby but these lil baby food things look good! LOOL why am I over here lusting over baby food? Your son eating better than me!! Seriously though, these look really good and the recipes look so yummy. This looks like something I would feed my child if it wasn’t a sim baby.

    • trousseau
      October 11, 2018 / 7:41 am

      Sim baby ???? babies need flavour too! These little pots of goodness really do make a difference. The recipes work for us adults too lol xx

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