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October was such a busy month, but I will let you know exactly what I got up to in another post! October was also a month for new discoveries. I was kindly gifted a product from Molewa, a natural skincare brand. I am a lover of natural products, so without further delay,let me tell you a bit about the company.

Molewa Skincare formerly known as Utopia Cosmetix

The brand is fairly new, it was founded in 2017 by Sola Sangowawa-Boua . In 2018, the company rebranded and was renamed, Molewa Skincare. The product range is extensive which is impressive for a new brand. There have been recent reports in the news, about harmful ingredients being added to various cosmetic products. The effects of these ingredients may not be problematic in the short term. However, there are studies proving that prolonged use of products containing these harmful chemicals, can cause major health issues. The beauty and cosmetics industry revolutionizing it’s way it’s doing things, and Sola is one of the pioneers.

Molewa Skincare delivery packaging

Wanting to make healthier choices, the company’s founder decided to exclude these adverse chemicals from her lifestyle. This led her to create her own natural skincare. After years of experimentation in her kitchen, her brand was born. All of the products are cruelty free (tested on willing human subjects lol), handmade and most importantly, all natural.

Azure Face Oil

I am by no means a skincare connoisseur, but I know brilliant when I see it, and excellence when I feel it. I suffer from dry skin, especially around my nose. It gets super scaly at times and is so annoying.  I’m always on the look out for new products to try. When I have a dry skin flare up, my skin is not only scaly, it gets red and becomes sore. Let me tell you why this oil is a winner for me. The oil is multi purpose. There are two Actives as they are described on the website. Marula oil moisturises, and has skin repairing and anti aging properties. The next oil is where things get interesting! Blue Tansy oil is naturally antibacterial and is anti inflammatory. These combined with all of the other ingredients make it a little bottle of perfection for moi!

Molewa Skincare Azure Face Oil with miniature plant

The face oil is contained in a UV protected Miron glass bottle with a pump dispenser. The oil is light with a fragrance that disappears soon after application. The great thing about this product is the fact that it is is unisex. While this is a great facial oil for me, it’s a great beard oil for my husband. It moisturises without leaving a greasy residue. A little product goes a long way, the ingredients are of the highest quality and it’s an artisan product. The Azure Face oil retails at £30.

bottle pump dispenser

I would definitely buy this product as it contains ingredients specific to my needs. The facial oil I use on a regular basis from a well known high street store retails at the same price. However, it moisturises but isn’t useful when my skin flares up. The only negative I have is the fact that font on the label is too small to read. However a quick visit to the website provides ingredient and usage instructions.

Molewa Skincare Azure Face oil on dressing table

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Do your self a favour and check out Molewa Skincare, you won’t regret it.

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