About Me

Thank you for clicking through to find out what I’m all about. I am a 30 something wife and mother to a teenage daughter and a baby boy. Trousseau diaries was initially set up to share my bridal journey and experiences in the run up to my big day. However, the idea of blogging has taken on me yet another journey and opened up a number of opportunities as well as giving me a creative outlet.

My focus was bridal but as my life has evolved, so has my blog. You can expect more of a lifestyle/parenting kind of feel. As this is my creative space, I won’t put limits or restrictions on my content. This being the case, I will cover anything else I fancy, hence the ‘the collection of things that make me who I am’ on my tagline. As well as sharing my product reviews, I will also be sharing some of my stories that you may find helpful or just plain weird 🙂